Meet Darlene

Darlene Domanik – Uniquely Qualified to Represent the 8th District

Hard Work

Darlene Domanik was born 1956 into an auto factory worker’s family. Her own hard work–including working in a factory–along with loans and scholarships paid for college (Mercy College of Detroit 1979, summa cum laude) and law school (Wayne State University, 1982, cum laude). She then went on to pay the medical school loans of her husband, Dr. Gary March, D.O., while supporting their family.

Environment + Public Health + Our Children

Starting at a small firm, Bockoff & Zamler, she represented people hurt by toxic chemicals. Darlene was later hired by her opposition, Butzel Long, where she became an environmental litigator representing industry–cleaning up polluted sites and helping clients comply with regulations.

Darlene also assisted in making real estate deals to put brownfields into productive use. She prosecuted a very successful case obtaining millions of dollars of insurance coverage for one of her clients. She negotiated settlements involving hundreds of parties, achieving resolution while respecting the needs of the public without bankrupting her clients.

While at her law firm, Darlene created a special practice area focused on child care facility law and an industry group for child care providers. Eventually she became the owner/operator of two successful child care centers, caring for 500 children and 85 employees.

She achieved shareholder status at her law firm while balancing career demands with motherhood. This was prior to The Family Medical Leave Act and other protections women now enjoy in the workplace.

Health Care + Seniors

Still working after 34 years, Darlene’s husband Gary is an Emergency Room physician in the Providence-St. John Hospital System. He witnesses the enormous suffering of the under- and uninsured every day.

Both Darlene and Gary strongly believe that access to quality health care is a right for all Americans. As well, Darlene understands how catastrophic illness affects a family: her son-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. He and Darlene’s daughter worry that he will lose his health care if he has to switch policies due to his career or changes to the ACA.

Regarding elder/caregiver issues, Darlene personally cared for both her parents and in-laws for 15 years, managing dementia issues, rehab, in-home and nursing home care, as well as hospice. She is directly impacted by the fate of Social Security, as she lost her pension benefits due to employer bankruptcy. Additionally, Darlene and Gary will have to purchase their own health insurance in the marketplace after he retires. They are shocked at the cost for individuals.


Darlene grew up in a hunting family. She and her husband own guns, and he shoots in sporting clay competitions. While they support private gun ownership, both Darlene and Gary take issue with assault rifles.

The tragedy of violence has affected Darlene personally: an uncle, two cousins, and a dear friend were murdered in the metro Detroit area over the years. She witnessed first-hand the tragic consequences for their families.


Darlene and her family have traveled all over the world–including to third world countries such as India, and unstable areas such as Israel. Thoughtful policy and enforcement work better than an expensive “wall.” America was created by immigrants like her Polish Catholic grandparents. Darlene is appalled by and would never support any immigration ban based on religion.


Darlene and Gary are dedicated to their Catholic faith, and are long-standing members of St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton. Along with her many other ministries, Darlene has served on the Finance & Pastoral Councils, taught catechism for nine years, and introduced special community events, as well as being a leader of the MOMs group. She also designed and authored a special retreat to teach young men sexual responsibility in real life situations.

Additionally, Darlene has taught meditation for over 20 years in many non-religious community settings, as well as at her parish, embracing a tradition of tolerance, nonviolence, and reverence for life.

She believes that the most effective and realistic approach towards eliminating abortion is to make it unnecessary, rather than illegal. 


Darlene has long contributed to her neighborhood communities as the President of the Eagle Ravine Condominium Association in her hometown of Brighton, and Vice President of Crosswinds of Ludington Condominium Association, in Ludington, Michigan. Through her careful management, both associations have achieved value-added landscaping and building projects.

With her wide range of life and business experience, Darlene Domanik represents the interests of both right- and left-leaning voters.