Darlene Domanik for Congress, Michigan’s 8th District

A Foundation for Michigan’s Future

Darlene Domanik

The 8th District of Michigan needs “rise up” economics–not “trickle down” economics. We must invest in our roots to grow strong communities and our nation. Our roots are in the middle class and working class. Our roots are in the small and medium-sized businesses, manufacturers, and farmers. The few at the top don’t need our help–they know very well how to take care of themselves and have been doing so at our expense. 

I believe the 8th District can be better represented in Congress, and I’m here to listen to your concerns. If I am elected to represent you, I will help build the foundation of our future by focusing on these major elements: the environment, health care, education, and the economy. I hope you’ll support me in helping to strengthen the foundation for Michigan’s future by voting me into Congress in 2018.

— Darlene Domanik

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