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Darlene Domanik Responds to Senate Healthcare Bill

Brighton — Environmental law attorney and congressional candidate, Darlene Domanik issued the following statement after the Senate unveiled healthcare reform bill.   “While I agree that reforms need to be made, I share many of the bipartisan concerns being voiced about deep cuts to Medicaid and the costs [...]

#MarchForTruth speech attracts hundreds on Capitol steps

In the age of Trump, civil discourse has turned from having constructive debates to name-calling and labeling. #MarchForTruth became a national organization of Americans who seek answers and aim to raise their voices to elected leaders. On June 3rd, local marches gathered across the country to call for [...]

Darlene attends Legacy Dinner on April 8th

Democrats from around Michigan came together yesterday to honor the Labor Movement at the 2017 Michigan Democratic Party's Legacy Dinner. Debbie Stabenow, current U.S. Senator for Michigan and previous representative of Michigan's 8th congressional district, poses with Darlene at the Michigan Democratic Party Legacy Dinner on April 8th.