Invest in Our Future

Environment & Jobs

If we have an unlivable world, nothing else matters. The entire, legitimate science community understands climate change— there is no “debate.” Technologies to reduce carbon emissions exist, and America must capitalize on manufacturing them, creating new industries, employment, and markets for these products, especially to developing countries, to prevent them from getting “hooked” on oil. I will fight the defunding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the unchecked sale of our groundwater, and support water cleanup.

Health Care

Access to quality health care is a matter of human decency, and should be a right for every American. I strongly support universal care under a single payor system. Those who can afford it will always be able to supplement their health care to include additional or higher standards. but there must be something basic and affordable for everyone. This is not a cost, it is an INVESTMENT, which will yield dramatic positive results in our future. Other countries have done this, greatly improving the quality of life for their people, and remaining economically competitive. Of course we can do this!


We have no future without a smart, competitive workforce. When we are uneducated and ill-informed, our ability to reason and know when we are being fooled is compromised. Excellent, government-funded preschools would give children an early start, taking pressure off working parents for childcare expense. Every child should receive the same quality of education, with decent buildings, supplies and equipment regardless of their zip code. Charter and private schools should exist only to serve the special needs or particular interests of families; never because they are closer, safer, or provide a better quality of education. The voucher system is a bad idea because it takes money away from public schools, which serve everyone. Block grants freeze funding and interfere with local control. College loan default and crushing debt must be addressed.

Infrastructure & Economic Fairness

Lead contamination in drinking water, sink holes swallowing neighborhoods, sewage overflows into flooded storm drains, crumbling bridges, power outages, potholed roads: I will vote to fix THESE.

I will NOT vote for a $42 billion wall, or for tax breaks for the wealthy and for companies who already benefit from a tax system skewed in their favor. Forget “trickle down” economics, we need “RISE UP” economics!

We should not benefit the few at the top, but empower the millions from the middle to the bottom. If they have decent paying jobs, child care, and medical coverage, they will no longer need the safety net of social programs. Promote clean energy, require the technology to be manufactured here, and we can employ our own people and sell the products to the world. Reinforce banking laws that prevent scams and economic meltdowns. Prosecute and refuse to bail out those who promote these schemes.

National Security

Of course we need a strong military, but diplomacy is key. We must stop making enemies and alienating our allies! We can end terrorism and “our” problems with the Middle East and by ending our dependence on fossil fuel. We will then have no interest in a presence there, where our culture so deeply conflicts with theirs.


Undocumented immigrants will not come or stay here if they cannot find jobs. Strengthen the penalties against employers who hire them. Raise the minimum wage to a “living” wage so that our own Americans will want these jobs. Deportation should never split up nuclear families. Focus deportation efforts on criminals, especially violent ones, and those who run financial scams.